Mr. Parag Jain, (H), MSc, Age 30 years (Managing Director)
Parag Jain is the elder son of founder Mr. Pramod Jain and a elder sibling of Abhishek Jain. Parag has vast experience of production of various products and is majorly involved in the production of various Aluminium products.Under his leadership, the factory has been maintaining high standard of quality and consistent product and has been very instrumental in establishing aluminium products in domestic and international market.With a team of professional from the aluminium field at his disposal, the factory has been churning our various aluminium product and there have been positive growth in terms of quantity and Parag will be the main person to implement all new projects for production at the existing location.With a international degree under his belt, Parag Jain is invaringly looking at better prospects and scope for better results.Parag Jain has been involed in number of various other projects and has proved his mettle in all aspects of business and thus lending a helping hand to his father – Mr. Pramod Jain in conceptualizing new projects and undertaking, thus maintaining the family tradition of business orientation.With a zeal to work hard and involvement in day to day activities, his presence is a boon to the establishment and thus respected and liked by all employees.
Mr. Abhishek Jain, BBA, Age 29 years (Joint Managing Director)
Mr. Abhsishek Jain is younger son of Mr .Pramod Jain and the tradition of Business runs in the Blood.Mr. Abhishek is mainly concentrating in all the sales and marketing and also financial dealings of the company and with a hold on finance, his business acumen and skills are highly professional and keeps a sharp eye on the financial dealings of the Company. Under his leadership, the Company has been in to many trading activities of various products and he is also involved in establishing and consolidating the Aluminium Business and manufacturing facilities.With sound knowledge of the market and pricing structure, his presence makes the Company capable and independent in terms of finance and also sales proceeds.He overlooks the sales and marketing of various products in the Country and with a team of professionals, he has made a name in the domestic market for all our Aluminium products.
Mr. Pramod Jain (Father of Director's)
A pioneer is a born entrepreneur with excellent business acumen having courage to explore hidden business opportunities in competitive international business environment. A very strong & dynamic personality having very strong business network across the globe specially in Asian region. This is mainly due to diversified business portfolio ranging from trading & manufacturing. Big hearted businessman having great risk taking ability. Supported by self motivated team who have proven track record of business transformation. From Business Family background having strong economic heritage behind. Graduated from Punjab University & started his first business venture at an age of 21 year independently & started M/S Mahavir Traders which deals in Aluminum Trading. Having consolidated the aluminum business trades in INDIA, in year 1996, acquired M/s Gujarat Foils Limited, a company listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), manufacturer Aluminum foils/sheets.Having vision of business diversification, in 2009, acquired M/s Modern Syntex Limited with over 67 Acres land approx. Again in 2009, bought M/s Magic Fasteners Pvt. Limited , manufacturers of velcro tape which is being handled by his nephews under the leadership of Mr Pradeep jain his elder brother. Year 2010, started business in the name of M/s Apart Impex, which deals in raw materials for plastic goods.

Mr. Pramod Jain was the main promoter and a major shareholder of Gujrat Foils ltd , a production unit specializing in PP closure stocks, Pharma Foils, Tagger Foils, Decorative Foils and various other products and one of the first and best re-roller plants in India. Under leadership of Mr. Pramod Jain, the company flourished and became one of the fastest growing secondary and re rolling factory in India catering to all major customers in India and making a name in quality, consistency and best Aluminium products . From a sick unit, the unit was turn around in to profitable venture by Mr.Pramod Jain , who is a stalwart and synonymous in Aluminum Industry in India and also internationally. M/s. Gujrat foils ltd is still one of the best aluminum manufacturing company in India and the after transition in to profitable venture, the holding was sold to one of the dynamic business group in India and Mr. Pramod is still one of the majority share holding.With a zeal to have a new start up in Aluminium field, Mr. Jain is once again entered in 2014 into Aluminium business in the name of M/s Jainalco Industries Limited , with a new re rolling factory in outskirts of New Delhi ( near Haryana Border) and has occupied a large land with future vision of expanding manufacturing capabilities and has already installed one sheet rolling mill and three foil rolling mills and in process of installing caster. With a team of professional under his belt and with large experience in Aluminium business and a good will in the Industry, we see a new reckoning manufacturing facility and start of a new era for large scale production and trading hub in India for multiple products in Aluminium.
Right from the beginning, JIPL has implemented formal organizational structures and operational systems which have helped it in achieving professionalism through manpower.
IT knew that the company profit is not the solitary goal and that growth and safety of its employees were equally important Its professional staff having huge experience in the Aluminium industry efficiently handles the operations and contributes largely to the strength and progress of the company.
Research & Development
"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
Our dynamic and aggressive marketing team is a strong force who can analyze specific demands of our customers big and small and are experts at understanding and imbibing their needs appropriately. The technical team takes over from there and converts each demand into a specialized product, meeting deadlines and international quality standards. Our team always takes care of customers' development demands in a positive manner and leaves no stone unturned in its quest of achieving success.
Our Team
We believe that constant up gradation is our another key to success and so our team of highly skilled professionals work very hard to manufacture aluminum products which are latest and can fully satisfy the changing demands of our customers. With the help of continuous research and development activities, we have been successful in shaping ourselves according to the latest technology of perfection, growth and development. The main opportunity available to the Company is tapping of the existing and growing demand for aluminium foils.
"Innovation basically involves making obsolete that which you did before."
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