Compliace and Ethics


Compliance and ethics ("C&E") programs are organizational policies put in place to promote law abiding and ethical conduct. To be effective, they must be supported by 3 points :-

1. code of conduct - Each business, each company, has its own culture and way of doing things. A code of conduct is a way for the management to say what that culture should be - how the employees should act and how they shouldn't act. For that there should be training on CODE OF CONDUCT on shop floor for all employees and new hires.

2. communications efforts - Communication is one of the basic functions of management in our organization and its importance can hardly be overemphasized. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organizations. below are the following points:-

  • Open Meeting
    Create a Receptive Atmosphere
  • Use Simple Words
    Listen to Your Team Members
    Avoid Unnecessary Repetition
  • Use The Appropriate Tone of Voice
    Be Appreciative
    Encourage Feedback

3. cultural attributes - An organization's culture consists of the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that employees share and use on a daily basis in their work. The best organizations understand their culture and take careful steps to manage and promote it effectively. Below are the following points:-

1. Respect/Fairness;
2. Trust/Integrity;
3. Change/Adaptability;
4. Responsibility/Accountability;
5. Goals/Strategy.

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